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What is PIMYU?

PIMYU is the ultimate tool to help individuals and families log, track, and manage their life activities in a controlled, easy, and secure environment. With PIMYU anyone can track and manage their expenses, daily cash movements, saving goals, home inventory, jobs and time worked, plus todos and reminders. It comes with an excellent and intuitively simple to use reporting and analytics feature that lets you see summary and detail reports as well as beautiful graphs and charts to allow for big picture trend assessment and analysis of emerging patterns.

Personal Expense Management

Personal Expense Management

Log, track, and analyze your personal and family expenses with so you can see how your daily/monthly spending habits impact your ability to save and invest in the future. Set a budget based on expected spending or based on an average of your historical spend and use to track how well you do so you can adjust in time.

Cash Management

Really knowing how much cash we have or should have in our pockets or within the family will help optimize our cash balance/cash flow. Set cash targets based on historical cash-on-hand so that you do not carry too much or little cash to handle your normal cash transactions. Log your cash spend and you’ll no longer have cash seepage (not knowing where your cash disappeared to).

Cash Management
Saving Goals

Saving Goals

We all know how difficult it is to save. It requires strong discipline and a process that helps you get there. Use to set some specific saving goals. Then use it to log your savings so you can clearly see how well you are progressing towards them. Upfront visibility helps you adjust and redirect you income to help you meet and achieve those goals. Take a quick look at personalized monthly savings recommendations, based on your goals and actual saving patterns.

Home Inventory Management

Have you ever had to do an urgent inventory of your home to satisfy an insurance company's request to properly reimburse you for the content of your home? No..? Great, but lets make sure that if and when such a time comes that you are well prepared. inventory feature is a great way to inventory your home. You can add pictures and upload relevant documents such as instructions/warranty/insurance etc. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that once logged, your inventory data is in a safe, secure place just a click away.

Home Inventory Management
Employment Management

Employment Management

Many of us have either hired a tutor or babysitter at some point in our lives and many of us have also worked as a tutor or babysitter. Keeping track of hours, or days worked is usually a bit of a pain for all involved, both employer and employee. provides a simple but very useful tool to log certain types of work/employment hours and work performed so that this activity can be better managed for all involved.

Bill and Activity Reminders has introduced a simple reminder feature that can be used to keep track of all the big and little things we need to do. You can set a reminder for anything including bills as well as birthdays, with the ability to set recurring periods and frequency. Reminders can also be set for multiple people at once, with reminders popping up on screens at login and also emailed to all tagged to be reminded.

Bill and Activity Reminders
Employment Management

Reporting and Analytics

  • Basic reports
  • Beautiful graphs and charts
  • Interactivity
  • Period comparisons

All the personal tools you need in one integrated solution

PIMYU is the ultimate tool to help individuals and families log, track, and manage their life activities.

Secure and private

No personal identifying information or bank and credit card account information is ever required to be kept in as your privacy and security of your transaction are our utmost priority. To ensure the safety of your data, communications on the site are encrypted with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology.


All account holders can create custom expense and inventory categories and subcategories, add family members, create home locations, set alert trigger thresholds, set time-zone and currency preferences

Family Friendly

Add your husband, wife, and teenage kids to create a collaborative environment for the entire family to participate and contribute to managing the entire family situation. You can even add in extended members of your family, aunts, cousins, grandparents, and even a good friend you consider family.


Your machine crashed, and all you applications and data lost? No worry as your information is kept ready for anywhere anytime access in the cloud. Just logon via another computer with you credentials and you are exactly where you started from.

Receipts storage

Need to keep track of all the receipts for your expenses and purchases? Use the PIMYU upload feature to save your receipts linked to any specific expense transaction or inventory item. Access them anywhere anytime at your convenience and peace of mind.

Key indicators

At-a-glance indicators quickly alert you to potential problem areas so you can take action before they happen. Set your own specific alert thresholds and determine if you want to be emailed for these or not.

All the personal tools you need in one integrated solution...

To make your life a whole lot easier!