Preparing for Summer

Our family is preparing for summer activities, including both vacation and improvement projects around the house. Because of our recent problems with appliances and some unexpected school expenses, we won’t have as much money as we usually do for summer, … Read More

Preparing for the Holidays

The holidays are now only a few months away and it is time to think about how to pay for everything. Since there are a good couple of months before the holidays, you should take the time to talk to … Read More

Holiday Planning

I know, back to school, vacations, and moving are currently taking up all of the money you have at the moment, but that is exactly why it is time to consider the holidays. Our summer vacations were pretty last minute … Read More

Tips for Saving on an Unplanned Vacation

Most people diligently plan their summer vacations, taking weeks or even months out of their schedules to prepare to leave home. Sometimes, planning isn’t something you have time to do. It happened to us last summer, and a couple of … Read More