Spring Cleaning and Inventory

Now that your taxes are out of the way (or will be by the end of the day), it’s time to start thinking about other things that need to be done. There are plenty of things that you should update … Read More

Documentation Review

We recently looked at various things you can do during the winter when daylight hours are short and boredom makes you spend money you shouldn’t. This time we’re going to look at things that won’t necessarily save you money, but … Read More

Fall Financial Moves

Now that you’ve done some initial analysis on your finances, it’s time to start taking action. You will need to do some financial analysis, but first there are a few things you can do now that it is fall that … Read More

Securing Your Home and Assets from Fire and Natural Disasters

It is pretty much impossible to anticipate an emergency that will threaten your home. Even if you live in a place like Florida where hurricanes can be tracked, you can never know ahead of time if your home is actually … Read More