If you are planning to move in the near future, you have a lot to do. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to help you save on moving costs. It will mean being very dedicated, and you will have to resist the urge to keep things “just in case” you need them later. You are moving soon. It is nearly guaranteed you are going to be paying extra for moving something you are not going to use enough to justify the cost of moving it. That is probably the hardest thing you will have to do, but it isn’t the only way to cut down the cost.

–        Evaluate every item. This means books, closets, garage, and under the sinks. If you haven’t used it in years (or don’t even know what the item is for), it’s garbage, recycling, or donation. Go through the stuff that has been sitting in the attic and see how much of it you can get rid of before moving.

–        Get your kids involved. The last time we moved, the kids were little, but they were incredibly helpful because kids quickly outgrow clothes and toys are also outgrown. Make a game out of getting rid of clothes and toys. For example, if our son was able to fill an entire box with toys that he had outgrown, we rewarded him by taking him out to a place of his choosing for dinner. This was huge for him because he had never been allowed to make that kind of decision. Be creative and your kids will respond.

–        If it’s trash, throw it away. As someone who is an avid crocheter, I am constantly keeping things that we really don’t need and that there is very little likelihood that I will ever find a use for it. Cardboard cones and small remnants of yarn are trash because they are not worth moving.

–        Set a schedule. Dedicate a few hours to each room each week. This will ensure that you dedicate as much time as required to properly go through your belongings.

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