Most of us are doing it; going through our home to get rid of things that we probably should have gotten rid of years ago. But who wants to go through some of the sketchier elements of Craig’s List? Here are a few alternatives that you should consider.


It has more users than nearly any other site, including Craig’s List. You can find buying and selling groups in your area, making it more efficient than a garage sale and more personable than Craig’s List. People are not as anonymous on Facebook, so you can actually get an idea of who will be stopping by your place to pick up a piece of furniture or other item you are selling.

Friend Town

If you have a Facebook account but don’t want to clutter it with the stuff you are selling, this is a great alternative. Using your Facebook credentials, you can develop the same level of knowledge of potential buyers as you could with Facebook. The site is free and very new (it launched in March of 2015). You cannot make payments over it or facilitate meetings, so you will need to manage that part on your own if you find a buyer.

This is an up-and-coming site that has private community groups for selling and buying goods. You can join a group based on what you are selling. They are also developing an app, so it could be even easier in a few months to find a buyer next year if you are successful this year.

This site is like the corkboards that used to be up at grocery stores. It is set up for local communities, and it does more than just help sell your goods. You can post alerts and safety concerns on the board, offer services (like babysitting or dog walking), or post lost and found information. is also developing an app to make it easier to stay in contact with your community.

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