September can be a great time to really start saving money. With the weather cooling down but not getting cold, you can save on your power bill, and stores are going crazy with sales at this time of year. There are several things you can do during September to get ahead on your savings or get things you’ve been putting off buying.

New Car

If you have been preparing to buy a new car for a while, this is the month to finally do it. Dealerships are getting ready to bring in the new models and want to get rid of the old ones. It is also the end of the quarter, and dealerships are looking to meet their goals. You add Labor Day on top of that, and you can get some really amazing deals that you really shouldn’t pass up if you need a new car. Don’t forget that you can haggle to get an even better price. They will be much more receptive to bringing the price down to make that final sale.


Just like cars, stores are looking to move clothing. Fall clothes are going on sale to make way for winter wear, and summer items are on clearance. If you really want a new bathing suit, now is the ideal time to buy it. If you want to get a size smaller than you are now, it could give you an incentive to get your exercise routine going again (or keep going). Sandals, sun dresses, and shorts are really cheap, making it a great time to get things that you need but didn’t want to pay top dollar to own.

Open the Windows

After a particularly blistering summer, my family has already taken to opening windows and turning on fans. It may still be a little warm, but the fresh air is really helping to get the air in the house cleaner (now that we have had a few days of rain). Having the windows open from evening through late morning means we haven’t had to turn on the AC for almost a week.


This is the time of year where farmers are out at markets and the side of the road selling their produce. It’s fresher than what you can get in the store, and much cheaper. It’s also better for your local economy since you are supporting your community.

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