With summer coming up, a lot of people are looking at their current finances and wondering how to make it through the hottest months. An increase in your power bill is pretty much a guarantee. Then there’s child care costs, influx of company (the kids will have company even if you don’t) which means more food, and all of the running around means higher costs for your car. If you start now, you may be able to make some additional money from home.

Turning Hobbies into Money

I’ve discussed this topic in previous blogs, but it’s worth bringing up again because it is great to have the extra money doing something you like. Most hobbies can be turned into side income. For example, sites like Etsy let you place things you make online. You will need to take time to set up your shop and determine what to charge, but it’s an easy way to make money doing something you want to do. It is rare for these hobbies to turn into full businesses, but it can be a great way to make a bit extra.

Helping Others for a Little Money through TaskRabbit

Taskrabbit is a relatively new and interesting way of making money or getting help from people who live in your area. You can get paid to help a new mother keep the house clean, delivery groceries, or even help move. They have an interesting list of tasks that can give you some extra money without having to take a second job. It is also a great way to get to know people in your area, especially in this day and age where people prefer to keep to themselves.

Become a Freelancer

This is probably the most popular choice because you can do it from the comfort of your home, and it may even become your day job. The biggest drawback to freelancing becoming your permanent job is the amount you will pay in taxes. As long as it stays something you do in your spare time, you will just need to adjust your taxes for your day job so that more is taken out. If you are too busy to take on new projects or want to go on vacation, it’s a lot easier to get time off from freelance work than a regular day job. That means you can work your freelancing schedule around your day job and family’s availability.

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