With winter coming up, it’s time to start thinking about home repairs that you need to do before the cold really sets in. Spend some time going over your home or having an inspector go through to look at the items that may need attention. If the roof needs to be repaired, you really need to have that done before Halloween when the weather shifts to the worse in most places. There are a number of things you can do now to start planning for winter and the inevitable wear and tear it will put on your home.


Most people need to call in a professional to inspect their roofs. If you aren’t sure about the age of your roof, or if you know that it is only a couple of years from the recommended replacement time, consider calling in an inspector to get an idea of exactly when it should be replaced and get a general idea of how much it will cost. This will give you time to start putting money aside (if you haven’t already been doing so). Creating a separate savings just for the roof will make sure that money is available when you need it.


Take a few minutes to make sure there aren’t serious problems with the heating unit. You do not want to find out when it is freezing outside that the heating system needs repairs or replacement. It may or may not be cheaper now, but it will certainly be easier to get someone in to repair it faster now than when everyone else is finding out they need the same repairs.

Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are something you can start doing a little bit at a time, breaking up the cost over a few months instead of one whopping amount. Depending on your windows, it will cost between $400 and $1000 per window (wood is more expensive) for double paned windows, but it does an excellent job of keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. You can do some of the windows now, such as the living room and main bedrooms, then plan to do other windows later in the year.

Doors tend to be a bit more expensive, but there are far fewer to worry about. Replacing outside doors and the areas around them can run several thousand dollars each. Take care of doors that are not protected, like the front and side doors, before doing the doors that have a buffer, such as a door going into the garage.

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