I know, back to school, vacations, and moving are currently taking up all of the money you have at the moment, but that is exactly why it is time to consider the holidays. Our summer vacations were pretty last minute because a lot of our plans fell through for one reason are another. It meant taking vacations when we could, and sometimes it was more of a hassle than a help. Still, we did have money set aside for the vacation. It just punctuated why I need to add to our savings going for the holiday season.

This year, we are just going to do a large vacation and give one or two gifts to the kids. They will get plenty of presents from friends and family, and honestly, my husband and I really don’t need any more stuff. A nice, long, paid-off vacation is what we really want. In fact, this year, we are hoping for two vacations, which means a lot of planning, saving, and coordinating.

Vacation 1

We are letting our children decide what they want to do for a week and a half. That means they pick where they want to go and what they want to do while they are there. We will go over the costs and decide what is reasonable based on how much we have told them we will spend on the vacation. We will plan our savings from there. I have already set up a saving plans in PIMYU for this vacation, and we’ve even put aside a few hundred for it (mostly what I had marked as Christmas savings since the beginning of the year).

Vacation 2

The second vacation is going to be just for my husband and me. We will fly his parents out for the duration of the vacation, and then we are taking off on our own. We both have current passports (mine is good for less than a year), and since the vacation will be in the off season (we will go once the kids are back in school), it will be far cheaper. We are currently looking at two weeks in Europe, although we haven’t ruled out Australia. That is something I have also set up in PIMYU and I expect that the savings will be much quicker.

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