We recently looked at various things you can do during the winter when daylight hours are short and boredom makes you spend money you shouldn’t. This time we’re going to look at things that won’t necessarily save you money, but that will help you get ahead on things for this spring and summer. Once the days are as long as the nights, you will find you don’t have time to do the grunt work that is perfect for this time of year.

I’ve set aside a little time each weekend to go over a host of documentation that I largely track in PIMYU. Here are the items that I will be running through over the course of the next month and a half.

–        Review school information. This is by far the easiest item on my list, but there are some updates to it since I made my initial entries, so it’s a quick but necessary update.

–        Insurance information needs to be updated. We’ve changed our provider since I first added our information, so for the sake of having all of the most current information available when we need it, this is the perfect time to make those adjustments.

–        Go through for the last six month’s worth of doctor visits and update the information. We’ve all had physicals and been to the eye doctor since the initial entry of this information, so a good bit of time has already passed. Before we entirely forget, my husband and I will be working through all of the latest information. We also have a bit of family history that still needs to be entered, making this the perfect time to take care of two things at one time.

–        Get a jump on updating the inventory by starting now. I’ve created a schedule for the kids to go around the house and take a quick inventory of the changes since last summer. With Christmas no too far passed this task should be considerably easier; everyone still remembers what gifts they received.

Of course, some time will go to regular expenses and taxes so that we can wrap those up within the next week or two.

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