We recently had a couple of problems with our appliances and PIMYU was an enormous help with taking care of two of them.

Our fridge was giving us issues toward the end of March, so we decided to check the warranty on it. Fortunately, that was some of the documentation I had my kids upload late last year, so I had not only the cost and time when we bought it, but all of the warranty documentation as well. It was still under warranty, so I was incredibly pleased to learn that we wouldn’t have to go out and get another if it was something that could be repaired or replaced. Reading through the document, my husband also saw the stipulation that we would have to pay for someone to come out and look at it, but the fee was minimal. Considering the outcome (we had to get a new one), it was worth the $45 to have someone stop by to look it over. He determined that it couldn’t be fixed and gave us a website to check out, as well as some advice on replacing it. He also let us know about having someone pick it up. Overall, it was much cheaper than the experience could have been.

When our microwave stopped working, a few days after he left, we immediately went into PIMYU to see the age and warranty information. Unfortunately, it was well out of warranty, and considering its age, time to replace it anyway. It was a good reminder that we need to be checking the age of our stuff once or twice a year to determine if we are likely to need to replace it in the near future. Fortunately, we have paid off a couple of credit cards in the past few months, and my husband was able to find a new microwave using one of those cards interest free for a year. The cost for the new microwave is not going to cause much of an issue since it will be spread out over 12 months, no interest.

A couple of days ago, the vacuum stopped working. Or at least it isn’t really picking up anything anymore. It is still under warranty, but with only a couple of weeks left. I’ve put some time on my calendar to look into replacing that as well. I’m thinking while I’m in there, I will look over our other appliances and electronics to see if anything else is reaching the end of warranty (or is past it). With as many things as have had problems so far this year, I really want to avoid any more surprises.

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